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Note: Not all state agencies are participating in the Maine.gov news system.

Latest Headlines

Secretary Bellows announces winners of 2021 Maine Constitution Essay and Poster Contest
May 5, 2021 :: Secretary of State
Secretary Bellows supports bills that would limit obscene vanity plate language
May 4, 2021 :: Secretary of State
Maine CDC Marks Lyme Disease Awareness Month with ‘Stop. Check. Prevent.’ Campaign
May 3, 2021 :: Human Services
Treasurer Announces American Innovation $1 Coin Program and Asks Mainers For Ideas For Maine's Coin
May 3, 2021 :: Office of the Treasurer
Towns of Cranberry Isles, Merrill, Dixfield, Palmyra join Rapid Renewal Service  
April 30, 2021 :: Secretary of State
Maine To Place Order for 21st Week of COVID-19 Vaccines
April 29, 2021 :: Human Services
Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry to continue regulating the movement of emerald ash borer
April 28, 2021 :: Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
Attorney General Frey Releases 2021 Domestic Abuse Homicide Review Panel Report
April 28, 2021 :: Attorney General's Office
How to Limit Risk from Toxic Browntail Moth Hairs
April 28, 2021 :: Human Services
Department of Homeland Security delays Real ID enforcement deadline to 2023
April 28, 2021 :: Secretary of State

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